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Reasons to Have a Wedding and How to Plan it Right


If you are hung on the wedding or courthouse conundrum, you are not alone. Surveys suggest that it is very common to question whether to have the dream wedding or stand in line at the courthouse. Keep reading to explore some important reasons to have the wedding you want and how to plan it right.

It is About the Experience

Every big decision has a little list of pros and cons. A trip to the courthouse and about $90 seems like a good way to tie the knot for many, but a wedding is about the experience they would never have. Brides that have had a courthouse wedding reported walking away feeling the same, while those that experienced the wedding and celebration with friends and family reported feeling different. They use words like “perfect,” “meaningful” and “magical.” However you choose to marry, you should have the meaningful experience you want on your wedding day.


The Memory of Your Wedding Day

How you get married will not change much within the relationship, but will change everything about how you experience your wedding day. A wedding makes your moments memorable and significant. Everything you do on your wedding day will become an important memory that will bring a smile to your face each time you recount it, such as what your wore during the ceremony, the music that played, the food you ate, the way you danced and the experiences you shared with others. And as it turns out, there are more reasons to have a wedding than that.

Celebrating and Sharing the Moments

Having a wedding allows you to celebrate and share your special moments with those that are important to you. Some cultures celebrate for several days before the wedding. This is an event full of rituals with symbolism that will be significant to your ceremony and to those you share it with. This is the bride's special day to be showcased as she takes center stage down the aisle for a big reveal to the groom and all those in attendance. This is the opportunity to toss the bouquet, cut the cake and experience your day. If you thought that was reason enough to have the wedding, keep reading. There is more to it than rituals and fashion.


The Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is about the ceremony and the spoken promises. Gathering before your circle of guests to make your forever promises is the reason for it all, and is more important than the celebration that will follow. The core elements of the wedding vows declare a forever relationship (“. . . as long as you both shall live”), exclusivity (“. . . forsaking all others”), and love through all the good and the bad (“. . . for better or for worse and in sickness and in health”). Making your promises before your circle of family and friends creates a feeling of significance, and makes those promises known to others. Whether you are a minimalist or the budget-bride, choosing to skip one of the most meaningful days of your relationship and life can potentially create expensive regret. Planning a wedding and doing it in your own meaningful way are important for so many reasons.

The Cost of a Wedding

The number one objection to having a wedding seems to be cost. More and more couples are looking for ways to keep costs down. There are tricks to planning the wedding you want without cutting the guest count, skipping the reception or planning a micro-event. This day is meant to be celebrated with those that are important to you. While reducing the headcount means less of everything and a smaller wedding can be easier on the budget, there are ways to have the wedding you want at a cost you can afford. Regardless of the size of the wedding you are planning, an all-inclusive venue can make an extravagant wedding affordable. Bundling the venue and services into one price can give you more to save or more to spend. All-inclusive wedding venues also have relationships with trusted vendors, which provides access to professional services at better rates.


An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

An all-inclusive wedding venue stages your event from ceremony space to the reception with elegant furnishings, décor, tables, seating, linens, chinaware and more. These venues build integral services into your package, such as banquet managers, banquet staff, bartenders, wedding designers and day of event coordinators. Every element of your ceremony and reception are designed, staged and managed from setup to breakdown. Eliminating the need for expensive rentals and bundling services makes your wedding day more affordable.


The Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue with a professional wedding design team that designs and creates weddings to meet imagination. Save money creating a more luxurious wedding, regardless of the size. There is no stress over creating an intimate ceremony space, setting tables, tying chair sashes, arranging seating, designing a ballroom, staging décor, setting the fine china or any of the details involved in creating the wedding of your dreams with Crystal Ballroom. Meet the masters of the art of creating elegant weddings of every size and for every budget. Touring the venue is the only way to build your custom package for your dream day. Contact The Crystal Ballroom for a complimentary VIP tour, and start planning your wedding day.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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