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Planning a Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony is a unique way to symbolize the unity while creating a colorful keepsake. Colored sand is poured into a decorative glass vase and combined to create sand art with a layered effect. This unique wedding idea has the same concept as a unity candle, but with a slightly artistic method.

How the Sand Ceremony is Performed

A sand ceremony begins with the officiant explaining the meaning of the ritual. A vase is either setup prior to the ceremony or placed on a table by the officiant. The bride and groom hold a small vase filled with colored sand. The color of the sand is usually selected to match the wedding colors. The method of combining the sand differs. The bride and groom usually pour the sand into the larger vase at the same time, mixing the colored sand. An alternative method allows the groom to begin pouring a small layer, followed by the bride pouring a small layer, and alternating layers of colored sand until the vase is full. Different methods will create a different artistic effect.

Sample Script

Like this sand, _______________ and ______________ combine as one and join their separate lives together. The two vases of sand symbolize their separate lives. This larger vase represents the new life they will create together. As these two containers of sand are combined, the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one in a new life. Just as nothing can ever separate the grains of sand, so will your marriage be.

Sand Ceremony Checklist

If you are considering a sand ceremony, there is a small checklist of items to bring with you to the wedding venue. You will need colored sand. Couples generally try to match the color of the sand with the wedding colors. You will need a medium to large vase to hold the combined sand. This will be a keepsake. It is a good idea to select a decorative vase or jar that can be topped later with a lid or decorative cover. Some couples choose to have the vase customized with a monogram or personalize the vase with etching. The bride and groom will also need their own pouring vase at the sand ceremony to be filled with their colored sand. You will also need a small decorative table to perform the sand ceremony.

The Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom

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