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Your Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

Wedding entertainment is an important part of your celebration. It is essential to creating the experience. There is so much weight on creating an incredible and unforgettable day that it can be difficult to decide on the entertainment that fits your vision and your budget. These tips should help you find the wedding entertainment to create the celebration of a lifetime.

Things to Consider

Seventy-five percent of your guests will walk away with the most vivid memories being about your entertainment. Whether you have a live band, DJ or a comedy act, it will be what they remember. It is important to consider your theme and the overall atmosphere to find the perfect fit. You might want music to fit a certain wedding theme. If you are having a live band, consider the space within the venue. If you will be having children at your wedding, you will also need to think of variety acts and entertainers to keep a younger audience entertained. You might consider a clown, comedian, face paining, tattoo painter, or a magician. A fun addition to the wedding entertainment is a caricature artist.

Consider the Logistics Before the Entertainment

Before you book your wedding entertainment, think about the logistics. Not every venue can accommodate every type of entertainment. There could be sound restrictions and space requirements. Will you have space to accommodate a large band with all of their instruments? When you are interviewing talent, ask about their requirements and needs. Create a small checklist to make sure the wedding entertainment fits your needs and the venue fits theirs.

The Venue for Wedding Entertainment

Interview the Band

Interviewing the band is an important part of wedding planning. A band can be exceptionally talented musically, but still be the wrong choice for your wedding. The best fit has experience performing at weddings and knows how to read a crowd. It is important to create an experience where your guests will dance and have fun. This requires interaction between the band and guests to motivate and entertain beyond an incredible musical talent. Make sure you talk to the bandleader and have an opportunity to watch a live performance. Listening to a recording will tell you very little about stage presence. Do not just interview one band. Explore talent to make sure you find the right fit.

Your Style

Make sure the band can play your songs and fits with your style. Create a list of songs and discuss them with the band. A majority of bands will be willing to learn requested songs for your wedding event. Keep in mind that bands might charge extra to learn additional music, since it involves a large portion of time to learn and rehearse new songs.

Backup Performers

Your wedding entertainment should be booked several months in advance. This leaves time for life to happen. When you are dealing with a live band, there must be a backup. It is important to know the band’s substitute singer and substitute band members, in the event that the singer loses their voice or a band member is unable to perform. Avoid booking with a band that does not have a backup plan.

Wedding Entertainment at Crystal Ballroom

Wedding Entertainment Contract

It is important to review your contract and make sure that it includes the time and location of the performance, the number of musicians, who is providing sound and lighting equipment, time of setup, dress code, audience size, the deposit and payment schedule, a list of the requested songs, timeline, the replacement band information, and the right to communicate directly with the bandleader. If there are additional agreements, make sure they are always written into the contract.

Choosing the Right MC

The Master of Ceremonies, commonly known as an MC, is essential to the wedding celebration. The MC is responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly. They will make introductions of the bridal party, family members and guests. They will make sure the celebration follows a timeline and everything occurs on schedule. This role is not to be confused with a day of event coordinator. This is your announcer that creates a transition between music and important events. They will grab the attention of guests and interact with the party over a microphone. If you hire a DJ for wedding entertainment, they will likely have an MC. If you are considering a live band, you will probably need to hire an MC. Just as with a band, make sure they have experience, stage presence and fit your style.

The Crystal Ballroom Wedding Venue

The Crystal Ballroom

Bring imagination and your incredible wedding entertainment to the elegant space of The Crystal Ballroom. The all-inclusive wedding venue is completely designed by professional wedding designers, from ceremony space to the reception ballroom. Meet with the professional designers and pick and choose from a treasure trove of décor. The venue, furnishings, décor, chinaware, bartender, and banquet staff services are all included in every wedding package. Bring your guests and wedding entertainment to a ballroom designed just for you.


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