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When, What and Who of Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation at The Crystal Ballroom

The logistics and etiquette of wedding transportation can be confusing. Who pays for what? When do we book wedding transportation? Who needs transportation? The list of questions can go on and on. This information should make booking wedding transportation a little easier.

When to Book Wedding Transportation

After securing your date at the wedding venue, it is time to book your wedding transportation. Book your transportation as soon as possible to make sure transportation is available for your party on the dates required. You can view limos and party buses online, which makes planning on the go a simple task. If you are hosting your wedding at an all-inclusive wedding venue, reach out to the venue to inquire about their relationships with preferred vendors to determine whether you are eligible for discounted rates.

Who Needs Wedding Transportation

Who needs wedding transportation? This is a question for the couple getting married. Do a headcount of your immediate family, wedding party and VIPs. Couples usually provide transportation to the wedding venue for the wedding party and parents. Some couples extend wedding transportation to close relatives that traveled from out of town. The couple getting married and the budget will be the deciding factors.

To determine who needs wedding transportation, you might want to consider distance, location and special needs. Couples should consider the distance from hotels to the wedding venue, and the location the guests traveled from to attend the wedding. Also consider special needs, such as elderly guests and grandparents.

Wedding Party Wedding Transportation

The bride and groom will travel in separate vehicles to the ceremony with their side of the wedding party. Couples will often choose a limo or a party bus for each side, depending on the size of their party. Keep in mind that the average limo seats about 8 to 10 passengers. Count heads and book accordingly. When the ceremony and reception take place at different locations, the couple is swept away in a limo ride to the reception hall. The wedding party can either join them by party bus or travel separately. The other members of the wedding party and parents would also require wedding transportation to the next big event.

Wedding Transportation at The Crystal Ballroom

Wedding Exit

The wedding exit is the most dramatic and should have the most dramatic transportation from the venue to the honeymoon spot. While choosing a car to match theme, budget and personality, choose wedding transportation that will make an exit with a statement.

Who Pays for Wedding Transportation?

Tradition holds that the bride's family pays for wedding transportation, with the exception of the groom and his wedding party. The groom's parents would normally pay for the groom's transportation. In this modern day, more and more couples are paying for their own weddings and paying for their own transportation. Deciding how to split the bill is all up to the couple.

The Crystal Ballroom Wedding Venue

The Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue with relationships with wedding transportation companies to help you arrive in style to the wedding of your dreams. Our design team is dedicated to creating your fairy tale in a picturesque wedding venue.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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