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Wedding Trends in 2023

Wedding Trends in 2023

This new year is full of new wedding trends, and keeping a few from the past that we love. If you are planning a wedding, you will want to know what is changing. Each year brings new ideas and trends for color palettes, fashion and design. Excite imagination with this list of wedding trends in 2023.

Wedding Trends in 2023 are Looking Up

Weddings are planned with impressive designs. Wedding trends in 2023 are taking the designs to a whole new level, literally. Ceilings are becoming more and more dramatic. Oversized chandeliers, hanging floral arrangements, draping, and light effects are in wedding style.

The Sweetest Wedding Trends in 2023

The wedding cake might be one of the sweetest wedding trends in 2023, but that isn’t all. Wedding cakes are becoming more of a focal point with sculpted cake art and dummy tiers for a larger and more thematic experience. Cake toppers are bigger and a little more creative. We are also planning more candy bar displays to incorporate theme and bring in color with flowers and other designs. Creativity is exploding with the desserts, even the types of desserts on display.

Wedding Trends in 2023

The Aisle is Making a Statement

The aisle is making a statement in 2023. Flowers, lanterns, floating candles and rose petal designs on the floor are adding something extra to the aisle. Aisles are more elaborate and have more definition. We are seeing more flowers in the wedding arch and more elegant backdrops for the ceremony.

Wedding Trends in 2023

Cheers to the Wedding Trends in 2023

Bottoms up and cheers to the wedding trends in 2023. Signature cocktails are even more popular this year. The bar is showcasing decorative tent cards for those signature drinks. Couples are creating their favorite drinks and naming them. Cocktail hours are more extravagant. We are seeing live music, more festivities and bigger bars.

Wedding Trends in 2023 are Bigger

Weddings are leaving the small wedding trends behind and celebrating a little bigger. There seems to be more appreciation for the gathering with a focus on the guest experience. Bigger weddings are creating an over-the-top celebration with venue and design.

Wedding Trends in 2023

Design Wedding Trends in 2023

While classic white is still here, couples are developing new wedding trends with color and design. Accent lighting in various colors are being used to match the color palette. Reception tables are the focus with elegant table runners, more flowers, extravagant centerpieces and sashes on the chairs. Formal seems to be at the top of current wedding trends. We are seeing more elegant venues and designs.

The Crystal Ballroom

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