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Wedding Photography and Videography

Wedding Photography

Creating perfect memories of those once in a lifetime moments is what it is all about, and the reason wedding photography and videography rank as the most popular wedding vendors. There is no doubt they are essential. The real decision is not about whether you need them, but about finding the artist that captures the memories with the unique style you envision. In fact, there is a consensus that style is the number one consideration when choosing photographers and videographers. These tips for wedding photography and videography should help you with your wedding planning journey.

Creating a Budget

The budget is a big decision maker, but when it comes to wedding photography and videography, the budget bends. Trends suggest that couples adjust their entire wedding budget to allow more money for the photography they want. This suggests that couples are willing to pay more for the style they love. On average, couples spend about $2,000 on their wedding photography. Videography is an entirely different art, but follows the same trends. Couples will sometimes buy smaller packages to afford the artist with style and reputation or spend a little more to take advantage of the savings with bundling packages that includes engagement photography, the rehearsal dinner and other wedding events. Trends tell us that if the budget allows, couples are willing to spend over $6,000 to save the memory of their wedding day with perfect images and video.

How Much Should You Spend?

The average wedding photography package is between $2,000 and $3,000. Experience and reputation can double the numbers. Wedding videography packages can cost the same, and are also commensurate with experience level. Depending on skill level, these services can range from $5,000 to $8,000. Booking photography and videography with one professional can provide extra savings; however, not every photographer does videography, and not every videographer does photography. If they do, they might not be of equal quality. Make sure it isn't just an additional service, but a specialty. They are very separate art forms; therefore, it is common to purchase these services from different wedding vendors. So how much should you spend? This question is best answered by your budget and your style. Keep in mind that most artists are willing to negotiate and customize packages. Once you know what you want, ask yourself what it is worth.

Wedding Photography

Are They Worth It?

Valuating the work of a photographer or videographer is tricky. Naturally, an experienced artist with quality work will cost more, but determining worth is about how much you are willing to pay for the service you want. Ultimately, the artist will tell you how much their wedding photography or videography is worth. Make sure you find that level of excellence and quality in their images, their personality and services to make your determination. You will want the entire package. It does not matter how great of an artist someone is, if they are a challenge to work with. This will be someone you let into your intimate space and share your special moments with. Their demeanor will be an important part of the valuation process. Once you determine they have the talent, style and personality to deliver your vision, research comparable artists to make sure the price falls within an average range.

Wedding Photography and Videography Style

Since an artist with the style you love will win you over more than anything else, you need to find your style. What is your vision. Are you looking for an elegant documentation of your wedding day with positioned poses or do you want a documentary style with a more candid experience? Are you seeking that artistic flair to your photos that create a work of art. Make sure the artist can provide samples to demonstrate their capability of delivering what you want.

Classic Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Classic wedding photography is timeless. These are the formal images that might seem on purpose and posed. They also encompass the realistic documentary style that can be entwined with the style of the shooter. Flip through the old photographs of your grandparents’ weddings for the perfect examples.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Lifestyle wedding photography captures candid moments in their perfect form. There is some direction that says they are not completely natural; however, they are relaxed images. It is the perfect moment captured in a deliberate scene or backdrop.

Dramatic Style

Wedding Photography

Dramatic photographs are all about lighting and effects. It requires the mastery of off-camera flash and the ability to work with light. The images can appear warm and dark with contrast or even bright. They almost have an abstract component to them. As the name suggests, they evoke feelings and emotion. Dramatic wedding photography has the ability to tell a story with feeling. It is important to review several examples of an artist’s work to guarantee consistency. A couple good photographs will not tell you how many takes it took to create a masterpiece. You will want almost every photograph to be a masterpiece.

Documentary Style

Wedding Photography

Rather than purposefully posed images, documentary style captures a spontaneous moment. It is authentic and candid. A photographer might choose the angle and the background, but the goal is to become part of the moment without the moment noticing the camera.

Black and White

Wedding Photography

The evolution of technology has achieved so much to bring color to photography, yet black and white never goes out of style. Black and white wedding photography is part of the dramatic style. The dark shadows and contrast give it feeling. You might want a couple black and white photographs incorporated into a mix of other styles.

Cinematic Wedding Videography

Wedding videography can be cinematic, mimicking the style, filters and transitions of a movie. This style is not about a timeline, but more about capturing the feeling in the moment and portraying it in a motion picture. It usually has voice overs, slow motion and aerial angles with drones. The intention can be compared with dramatic wedding photography.

Short Form

Short form videography is a highlight video of just a few minutes that usually accompanies another form of videography. It is usually divided into three segments of a wedding: preparation, the ceremony and the celebration. Short films are easy to share, and can tell a story in a small segment of time. If this is something you want, make sure your videographer offers highlight films.


Storytelling relies on a combination of elements to tell a story, which includes a voiceover or narration and music that are always more interested in the love story at hand than any of the other events. Storytelling is commonly incorporated into cinematic wedding videography.

Documentary Wedding Videography

Documentary wedding videography is similar to documentary wedding photography. It documents moments that are spontaneous and unplanned. Audio is captured from the first look, special speeches, readings and other special moments and incorporated into the video at different times. It usually uses less cinematic tools, and is more interested in documenting the moments.

Planning Wedding Photography and Videography

Every wedding has a timeline. You must decide which parts of that timeline you want captured by wedding photography and videography. Do you want them to capture photos and video before the wedding? Are you more interested in just the ceremony and the reception? Most couples want to commemorate the process of getting ready for their wedding, such as when the bride gets her makeover and the bridesmaids help the bride adjust her dress. Knowing when they should arrive is just as important as knowing how long they should remain. Decide which points of the day should be captured on film, and which parts should be ignored.

The Crystal Ballroom Wedding Venue

The Crystal Ballroom

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