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Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is the season for weddings, vibrant colors and romantic flowers. Planning a summer wedding involves a picturesque wedding venue, a little inspiration and some imagination. Get inspired by these summer wedding ideas and let’s create something magical.

A Little Bit of Color

Summer is known for all of the color it brings to every occasion. What is color? This mysterious trigger for emotion and memory is so intense that it can mold our perception of the experiences we are creating, even the taste of our food. The power behind color makes it an important part of your wedding day and your guests’ perception of the experience. Let’s explore some summer wedding colors to help you choose a palette that creates your fairy tale come true.

The Color Experience

The illusion of color is a unique experience for all of us, which is based upon our own perception and associations. In general, color can have a relaxing or stimulating effect. The key is to build a color palette with three wedding colors that set the mood and tone for the experience you want to create. Keep in mind that the color wheel is the home for a spectrum of colors that vary from warm to cool. Warm colors are those that exist on the side of the wheel with those brighter reds and oranges. These are exhilarating and stimulating colors. Cool colors exist on the side with those relaxing blues and greens. With this in mind, let’s imagine some summer wedding colors.

Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer Wedding Colors

Summer provides us with beautiful blooms that naturally inspire summer weddings. There is almost an endless variety of bright colors to choose from, and green is the neutral color that seems to tie everything together in nature. Even when green is not one of your three wedding colors, it exists as an accent in floral arrangements. Green is a tranquil color that is commonly associated with fertility and life. Pink is one of the popular summer wedding colors. Pink is known as a happy color that creates a relaxing space. Yellow is a popular accent color; however, in the right shade, it can be the main color. Yellow is the brightest color on the spectrum and is associated with friendliness and happiness, making it a popular choice for summer weddings. It is energizing and excites creativity. Note that the wrong shade can induce anxiety and nervousness. Purple is a tranquil color. Deeper hues are associated with royalty, luxury and magic. Lighter and softer variations evoke similar responses as pink. Teal, fuchsia, terracotta, pale yellow and nautical blue complement each other and every shade between. Nautical blue and silver linens are a popular combination for romantic summer weddings.

Summer Wedding Ideas

Wedding Flowers for Summer Weddings

If you are struggling to find the perfect flowers for your summer wedding, just think about what blooms in summer and the color combinations you love. Sunflowers infuse yellow and happiness into the space. Hydrangeas provide a variety of color and volume to centerpieces and bouquets. Just keep in mind that hydrangeas are sensitive to heat. Roses, orchids and daisies make beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements for summer weddings. Bring in the pink of summer with cherry blossom trees. Peonies, camellia, and roses are all about pink. If you want to incorporate green accents, consider decorating your wedding arch and tables with eucalyptus garland. Add a little purple with clusters of crocus, lilac, and hydrangeas. Amaranthus are those droopy blooms that vary from a reddish-rose to a purplish-pink. Ranunculus are elegant summer blooms that bring a variety of color from red and orange to pink and yellow. If you are thinking about a summer wedding, the floral options are almost endless.

Summer Wedding Ideas

Flowers for Summer Bouquets


















Calla lilies



Cake Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Summer wedding cakes include earthy elements with those beautiful summer colors. Add layers of summer flowers and fruit, and create torn edges in the fondant or icing for a little texture. If you want a rustic summer wedding, let the layers of cake peek through with a thin layer that gives it that semi-nude effect. Marbling your summer colors within the icing is a way to add a little more color. To create a classic and elegant look, fully cover the cake in a smooth layer of white fondant and use minimal designs. Instead of marbling, add a belt of gold and a couple summer blooms as an accent.

Summer Wedding Ideas

The Crystal Ballroom

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