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Rent Wedding Chairs and Tables

Rent Wedding Chairs

If you are planning your wedding day, you probably have a long list of rentals that includes some furnishings. You will most-likely need to rent wedding chairs and tables to suit the style and size of the event you are planning. Finding the most affordable rentals is just the first step to planning this important detail. Not just any seating will suffice for an event as grand as your wedding day. You will also need an impressive design and layout. Keep reading, because we are sharing how to rent wedding chairs and tables, and design them without breaking the bank.

Rent Wedding Chairs for the Ceremony

When it comes to the seating, you will need chairs for two separate spaces. The ceremony space is one of the most important spaces within the wedding venue. This is where the main event of the day occurs. Everything else is reserved for the celebration. If you are going to rent wedding chairs for an empty space, you will need to create a layout that provides seating for all of your guests in a way that defines the aisle and allows for a clear view from every angle. The theme and vision for the aesthetic you want to create will help you choose the colors and textures of fabric for chair sashes and the chairs. Determine the number of chairs you will require for this space and calculate the amount of fabric required. Once you realize the scale of the design project, you might be searching for a few hacks to make it affordable and easy. Luckily, we have the tips you seek.

Rent Wedding Chairs

Ceremony Seating Hacks

An all-inclusive venue is the ultimate solution. The Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive event hall and wedding venue. Unlike renting an empty space, this elegant venue includes all of the furnishings, and eliminates the need to rent wedding chairs. The design and layout of the wedding venue are customized according to your vision, and staged by professional wedding designers. Every chair is decorated with a chair sash and tied to match the style of the event. Each package is unique and customized for individual needs to include the number of chairs and sashes required. Hand-select the designs, colors and textures from the design studio inventory, and let The Crystal Ballroom provide a fully-designed space with all of your decorated seating in the ceremony space.

Rent Wedding Chairs

Rent Wedding Chairs and Tables for the Reception

The reception area is also another very important space in the venue, and where you will spend the majority of your wedding day celebrating. The bride and groom require a very special seating arrangement. A sweetheart table creates this special space in the reception area. It usually consists of two throne chairs and a small rectangular table. The table should be extravagantly designed with low-lying table décor and floral runners to avoid blocking the view of the bride and groom. If you are going to rent wedding chairs and tables for the reception area, you will need to begin with the tables. The shape and size of the table will determine how many guests can be seated at one table. Once you determine how many guests can be seated at one table, you can calculate the number of tables and chairs for the space. Each table should be designed to match the theme with centerpieces, accent décor, candles and floral arrangements. Once you realize the time and financial investment involved, you might be looking for a few hacks. As with the ceremony space, we have a secret that avoids the need to rent wedding chairs and tables.

Rent Wedding Chairs

The Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings, décor and staff services in a fairy tale package. Professional wedding designers customize the ceremony and reception space to match your vision with tables, chairs, and exclusive designs and floral arrangements. Bring imagination to the design studio and hand select your flowers, centerpieces, linens and every detail of your dream wedding. Every event includes an impressive bartender service, banquet staff and fine china for a full three course meal. Crystal Ballroom designs luxurious events and creates unforgettable moments. There is no need to rent wedding chairs and tables separately. Contact an event advisor to customize your experience.


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