Rent My Wedding and Create an Affordable Fairy Tale

Having the wedding of your dreams is no longer a dream. We spend months, years and sometimes even decades planning our perfect wedding. We envision a ceremony in the sand, a reception in a garden or both in a mansion. We count our guests, and fantasize about the dress, the décor, the lighting and every element of our perfect day, but we rarely consider the reality where the average cost of a wedding in the United States is just over $30,000. Wedding décor rentals or renting my wedding sounds like an impossibility, but it is actually a way that brides are making their dream wedding possible.

Imagine your own designer coordinating and creating every element of your theme with napkins, linens, sashes, runners, overlays, chargers, votives, and centerpieces at the location of your dreams with a price tag you can afford. Renting a wedding or wedding décor rentals is more than just renting tables, chairs, linens and china. Brides are catching on to this trendy wave of wedding décor rentals to discover the more.

Planning a Wedding with Wedding Decor Rentals

The first step to planning a wedding with wedding décor rentals is to calculate a rough draft of a budget for your magical day. All-inclusive wedding packages can help a bride save thousands on their wedding day. Creating a smaller budget does not necessarily mean less when utilizing wedding décor rentals. It is actually a way to create a more extravagant wedding on a smaller budget.

Begin by establishing the total dollar amount you are willing to spend in all. Then, begin creating categories for different elements of the wedding, such as wedding décor rentals, wedding dress, cake, catering, photography, entertainment, and all the additional details of your wedding day. Allocate the funds among the categories as desired. What will begin as a rough draft, will later become a more accurate projection for spending.

Once you have an idea about what you would like to spend, consult with a wedding venue that offers all-inclusive packaging and offsite wedding décor rentals. This will give you the flexibility of choosing to hold your ceremony and reception within an all-inclusive ballroom or at an alternative location at an affordable price. Note the items and services included in each package. Determine whether a day of event coordinator is an option, and determine the cost for securing the service through the venue that offers wedding décor rentals. The same venue should have relationships with trusted and talented vendors to include all the details into your budget.

Inspiration for Wedding Decor Rentals

One of the best ways to excite inspiration for your wedding is to tour a wedding venue. You will have an opportunity to view examples of themed wedding décor rentals, and can speak with designers to brainstorm ideas. A wedding venue with an in-house design team can assist you with meeting the requirements of your budget and the success of your event.

Venue Location and Wedding Decor Rentals

When planning a wedding, do not select a venue based solely on the size of the room. Make sure to consider the ambiance of the room, the geographic location of the venue, the significance the location holds, and whether the venue is accommodating beyond the room. Selecting a radius on a map is a good way to start narrowing down the search. Consider that the location should hold some meaning and importance. This is where you will say your “I do’s” and celebrate one of the most momentous occasions of your entire life. The location must speak “unforgettable” or nothing at all.

Designers at the venue can help you plan, design and create the wedding of your dreams in the ballroom or offsite at another location. If you prefer, design in the studio, and take the wedding décor rentals offsite. Meet with the in-house design team and select your napkins, linens, sashes, runners, overlays, chargers, votives, and centerpieces from a treasure trove of décor. Make sure the full design and decoration of all your guests' tables, main tables, and ceremony space are included in the service. Choose a venue with wedding decor rentals that provide complete setup and breakdown by a team of professional decorators.

Vendor Connections

Planning a wedding requires vendor connections. Select a wedding venue for wedding decor rentals that can facilitate the connection between couples and dress designers, tailors, wedding cake designers, officiants, caterers, photographers, DJ's, florists, and hair and makeup artists. The collaboration between vendors and an all-inclusive wedding venue makes creating the wedding of your dreams effortless.

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