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Planning Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

The shape, color, scent and texture of your wedding flowers will define the venue and set the tone of the entire event you are planning. Flowers create romantic weddings and beautiful backdrops for almost every photograph. We have a few tips to help you plan your wedding flowers.

Be Inspired

Before running to the local florist, take a moment to imagine your wedding day and the aesthetic you want to create. The style and vibe of your wedding flowers will affect the entire experience on your wedding day. Explore magazines, gain inspiration and create a collage of ideas to take with you to your florist. Your theme and color palette are fundamental to choosing your wedding flowers.

Wedding Flowers

A Realistic Budget for Wedding Flowers

When the wedding flowers from the magazine are not a reality, try to create an affordable variation with some creative solutions that fit within your budget. Couples usually allocate between 8% and 10% of their total budget on wedding flowers. On average, the cost of wedding flowers ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. How much you spend on your wedding flowers will have everything to do with the types of blooms you choose and the amount of flowers it takes to fill your space. The best money-saving tip for your wedding flowers is an all-inclusive wedding venue that includes the décor and artificial floral designs. If you are open to adding premium silk flowers to your arrangements, it will help keep the expense down, especially when choosing flowers that might not be in season. Choosing a wedding venue with artificial floral designs can save you thousands.

Types of Centerpieces

Different centerpieces create a different experience. Candelabras are tall and decorative candle holders that provide a space on each arm to design with beautiful floral arrangements. Fishbowl centerpieces are created with clusters of flowers in a glass bowl. Tiered centerpieces create additional layers of flowers. A breakaway involves shorter to medium height arrangements of different blooms in a grouping to create a centerpiece. Trumpet arrangements are cone-shaped with a narrow top in a tall vase. Dais centerpieces overhang the front of the table. This type of centerpiece is usually arranged on the sweetheart table, since it is a lower placement that creates the desired design without blocking the view of the bride and groom. A pedestal is a vase on a decorative platform that holds overflowing wedding flowers that cascade down the sides.

Size and Placement

Centerpieces should fit the space. Think about the size of the tables and the other arrangements. Lower centerpieces work well with outdoor venues. You might create an illusion of a canopy of flowers on high candelabras indoors. You can choose to suspended arrangements from the ceiling or from tree branches. If you want those lush and large blooms, think about the placement for your wedding photography to make sure the arrangements do not obstruct the view of important people and moments. Let your flowers soar or cascade, but place them below or over heads.

Wedding Flowers

Counting Your Wedding Flowers

Evaluate the size of the venue and think about how you want to use your flowers within the space. You will probably want a decorated ceremony space and centerpieces with flowers on your reception tables. Whether you are creating the garden ceremony indoors or only wanting a few accents, there are other flowers to consider. You will probably want a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Once you decide how many arrangements you will need, choose the blooms to fill the space.

Choosing Blooms

Once you have an idea about quantity, you will need to think about the type of blooms you want to use within your space. Consider the texture, size, shape, color and scent. A voluminous floral arrangement will fill the space more efficiently. If you have trouble narrowing down your options, it is always safe to choose what is in season. It is not impossible to obtain blooms out of season, but they can be more expensive and do not last as long. A good florist or the designers at your wedding venue can help you choose wedding flowers to match your vision and your budget.

Wedding Flowers

The Crystal Ballroom

Bring imagination to The Crystal Ballroom and make your wedding flowers a reality. Master wedding designers will help you choose your colors, theme, décor and floral arrangements. Planners will create a custom package that bundles the venue, furnishings, staff services, décor options and coordination services. Bring your imagination to the design studio at Crystal Ballroom and create a fairy tale.


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