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Planning Your Honeymoon


A honeymoon requires a little planning to create the unforgettable experience from your imagination. Not every romantic adventure takes you over mountains and sea to secluded beaches, Paris or Rome. Whether you will be stamping passports or planning to stay a little closer, we have a few tips to help you plan your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Destinations

Where should you go? Before you begin researching travel deals, you will want to have an idea about the experience you want to create. Your circumstances will make a few decisions about your honeymoon. You should consider your budget, the amount of time you can give to this special vacation and your common interests. Think of destinations and activities that will make the adventure meaningful, and explore several travel websites.


Travel Deals

Travel deals are everywhere. Finding the best deals requires a little research. There are several websites that offer savings. You should also explore any savings available when you book directly through the airlines. Bundles can provide savings when the package includes the hotel and transportation. Travel agents still exist, and can help you research the best travel deals.

Honeymoon Activities

You will probably not want to remain in a hotel room for the entire honeymoon. Research the area to create your exciting adventure. It could be a restaurant that is almost impossible to get a reservation at or an excursion you always dreamed about. Create an itinerary of all the activities you want to explore.


Honeymoon Resorts

An all-inclusive honeymoon resort is perfect for a couple that wants to spend their honeymoon relaxing at the resort, drinking and engaging in hotel activities. Beachside hotels can provide amazing views and the ambiance of an exotic island that keeps you connected to the coastal city. You can indulge in fine dining and arrange couples massages in an onsite spa. If you are the type that loves to explore, you might want flexibility with your package to exclude activities that might be wasted while you are out exploring the promenade.


Cruises create a nonstop social event in a confined space at sea that is not for everyone, and can send some over the edge of stir-crazy. You will never know if you love the cruise scene until you try it. It is not recommended that you take your very first seven day escape at sea without testing out the adventure beforehand. A cruise usually offers activities, such as gaming, dancing and swimming. The adventure takes you to different ports and offers the opportunity to explore different places during timed shore excursions. Cruises are not created equal. They offer different types of experiences. A travel agent can help you explore options.

Departing on the Honeymoon

As the evening wedding becomes a popular trend, setting out on the honeymoon adventure becomes delayed. Instead of running away for the honeymoon just after the wedding exit, couples are hesitating a day to begin their travels. If the flight is scheduled to leave a day later, make sure you plan the wedding night somewhere special. Let a one or two night stay in a local resort become part of the adventure. You can plan couples massages in the hotel spa and indulge in delectable chocolates and strawberries in a king bed.


Notes for Traveling

Never hesitate to the last minute to plan your honeymoon. A honeymoon is usually planned simultaneously with the wedding. You should consult with a travel agent or planner far in advance to explore the best options and rates. Choose your hotel, packages and flights a few months in advance. Plan an itinerary for everything you want to experience on your honeymoon. Check travel guidelines and advisories. If required, apply for or renew passports, research foreign entry requirements and visa requirements, and arrange for required vaccinations. Create a checklist to help you pack for the occasion.


The Crystal Ballroom

Wherever you imagine the adventure, it should begin with The Crystal Ballroom. You should always plan your honeymoon simultaneously with your wedding, and The Crystal Ballroom is the perfect venue to help you plan a wedding day from fantasy. Host your magical moments in this luxurious venue, and escape to a romantic honeymoon on Florida’s playground of theme parks and beaches. This picturesque wedding venue includes all of the furnishings, designs, and staff services to make your dream wedding come true.


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