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Planning a Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Creating a magical Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding theme is just a few tips away. Bringing this romantic Belle fairy tale to life involves a little imagination and some secrets from master wedding designers. Imagine oversized chandeliers dangling above, large tables draped with linens, accent clocks, elegant candelabras and fine china for a feast with the beast. Be our guest and enjoy these ideas for a Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding theme.

Colors for a Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

This French classic demands a fairy tale castle with all the grandeur and elegance of a royal ballroom. Keep this tone in mind as you plan with the color palette of Disney’s rendition. As with every wedding, a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme will have a primary color and two accent colors. This wedding theme brings royal colors to a ballroom from fantasy. Cobalt blue, canary yellow and rose red create the magical trio for this theme. Canary yellow can be substituted with gold. Adding king’s robe purple can create a dramatic twist with the color palette. You might consider rich blue linens, gold runners, gold charger plates and gold candelabras. You could also consider clear charger plates, if you want to lessen the yellow and vibe. Never forget the enchanted rose. Red roses are the perfect way to bring red to every table in the venue.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Décor for a Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Think about the little details and the favorites of Belle. Her love for books should be evident within the space. If you cannot bring in a faux library, consider adding small stacks of books to each table. An accent table beneath a spotlight with the enchanted rose in a glass case would create the perfect touch.

Cuisine for the Theme

France is the backdrop of this fairy tale. Set your feast with French cuisine and the fine menu depicted in the cartoon. Play the “Be Our Guest” song as the tables are served by formal banquet staff and the excellence of full-service catering. Consider a dessert table with treats and cakes in the dining area, if you truly want to recreate the dining experience.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding theme

Choosing the Season

Your wedding does not need to be an exact replica down to every fine detail; however, if you want to perfectly recreate this love story, make it a winter wonderland during any season. This involves adding white and hues of pale blue to your palette with uplighting throughout your venue. This added twist of extra and unexpected colors will create the perfect touch.

Wedding Flowers for a Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Flowers for a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme can be as simple as a single rose to anything your heart dares to dream. You could consider a yellow, blue and white bouquet with red roses to accent. The season and the colors you choose as accents will influence your choice of flowers. The real story involves a Christmas tree. You can do something unexpected and add a touch of Christmas.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

A Horse and Carriage

Almost every fairy tale has a horse and carriage, and Beauty and the Beast has its share of magical carriages. Arrange a grand wedding entrance or exit with a horse-drawn carriage ride to or from your wedding venue. Not only will the whimsical entrance or exit create your unforgettable moments, but it will provide you with perfect photography moments.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Wedding Venue for a Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Not just any wedding venue will create the magic of a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme. It must possess the grandeur of a palace with all of its elegance and magnificence. Envision crystal chandeliers and elegant décor in a ballroom designed just for you. The Crystal Ballroom brings the fairy tale to life with master designers and elegant décor. Every detail of the love story is customized to match your vision. Excite your magic and create your rendition of a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme at The Crystal Ballroom.


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