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Live Band and Wedding Music

Live Band and Wedding Music

The wedding music is an important part of the wedding day. Every highlight moment, from the ceremony to the cake cutting, will have its own moment under the spotlight and its own special song in the background. Couples have two options for how they deliver the wedding music: deejay or live band. We are sharing a few things you should know about your entertainment experience and a live band for your wedding music.

Where to Begin with a Live Band and Wedding Music

Begin with your wedding venue. The venue probably has a list of vendors to help you narrow down the right talent and fit for the experience you want to create. Most wedding venues have all the sound details worked out as far as logistics and noise ordinances. Just in case, make sure you check with your event advisor at your venue. Determine all the restrictions and limitations before you book your live band. Ask about any noise restrictions, the need for extra power supplies or equipment, available space for the size of your ensemble, room layout and any additional questions related to band requirements. And there are just a couple things to think about before planning the wedding music.

Consult the Budget

Many decisions about our wedding day are influenced by the budget. Not every couple is willing to sacrifice when it comes to planning this once in a lifetime event. It is important to understand that a live band can cost slightly more than deejay, but will deliver a very different experience. Choosing live wedding music is more about personal preference and the experience you want to create. Fees for a live band include performance time, lighting and special requests to learn new material. The bigger the show, the bigger the price tag. However, the experience can be more than worth it.

Envision the Experience

It is important to maintain your vision as you interview talent. The music creates the celebration. Do you envision a stringed quartet or a lively band that rocks the house? While both can work in an elegant space, think about the size of the venue and the type of celebration you seek to create. The tone of your entire event will be shaped by the soundtrack you plan and the talent you book to deliver it. Stage presence and crowd motivation are important parts of the act. Take the time to plan your live band. If possible, watch the band perform at a local venue and explore the band's video samples.

The Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom

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