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JB's Cinematic Creations and Photography

Wedding Photography

Wherever your fairy tale takes you, JB's Cinematic Creations and Photography follows. The memory of your destination wedding is worth keeping. Whether the Virgin Islands, Las Vegas or a love story in the heart of Florida’s most luxurious ballrooms, professional wedding photography is there to seize every magical moment you make from every essential angle. Don’t let a moment fade away. Capture your moments with professional wedding photography from experience you can trust.

Receive $150 OFF

Book JB’s Cinematic Creations and Photography and Crystal Ballroom within the next 30 days and receive $150 OFF your photography package.

Wedding Photography

Dance into spontaneity and a romantic adventure, and JB's Cinematic Creations and Photography will capture your moments as they are created with a journalistic technique that retells your love story the way the moments deserve to be remembered. Say “I do” in an elegant ballroom and escape to an exotic honeymoon in the Keys, and your destination wedding photography professionals will be there to seize the memory of it forever. A photograph will speak a thousand words about the memories you create a hundred years from tomorrow. Cherish your moments and make them absolutely timeless.

Wedding Photography

The Talent Behind the Lens

JB's Cinematic Creations and Photography is a family with a passion for the art of capturing forever memories, and experience beyond 30 years to deliver excellence with every shot. Meet the founder and talent behind the lens, Joseph Blackwell. What began with a 35 mm camera and passion for photography, was refined by a rigorous photography and videography program, and years of experience behind the camera.

JB's Cinematic Creations and Photography is raising the bar of excellence in the photography industry. Mr. Blackwell is an active member and on the board of Professional Photography of America, and a member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. He received an award of excellence from the Wedding Event Videography Association. His heart chases the beauty of your love story and the opportunity to retell it with the camera. JB's Cinematic Creations and Photography is a family. Mr. Blackwell, his sons and niece shoot as a team to capture every magical moment you create to make the fairy tale unforgettable.

Relive the Moment with Videography

Tell your fairy tale with visual storytelling through Cinematography. JB's Cinematic Creations and Photography specializes in the art of videography. Bring your love story to life with a full-length video production. Capture dramatic and captivating photographs and video from otherwise unreachable angles with drone photography. While a photograph remembers the moment, a video relives it.

Wedding Photography Consultations

Every consultation is absolutely free. Begin your wedding planning journey and meet with a professional photographer to share your vision for your magical day. Discover a never ending portfolio of talent and all of the possibilities for your dream moments come true. Customize your package and everything from the engagement and the wedding to the honeymoon adventure. Build a unique photography package that captures your memories the way you want them to be remembered with professional photography and experience you can trust. Keep your memories in focus. Contact JB's Cinematic Creations and Photography for a free consultation, and share your vision for your magical day.

We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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