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It's All About the Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress will be one of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding day. A bride invests so much emotion into choosing the perfect wedding dress, giving weight to all the decisions about the satin, lace, ruching and beading. Every detail of the dress must be stitched to meet the design that will embody the love, beauty and promises this day is all about. Finding a gorgeous dress that meets the standard requires consideration for a few wedding dress basics. Before you begin wedding dress shopping, let’s explore some fashion tips.

Defining the Waistline of a Wedding Dress

There are so many waistline styles and words to describe them. Asymmetrical creates a different height on each side. A bride with wider hips might choose an asymmetrical waist or a ruffled skirt. Basque waistlines create an elongated triangle. Empire gowns are high-wasted seams that begin just below the bustline. If you want to camouflage the waistline, you will want the empire wedding dress. A natural waistline falls at the natural waist. Dropped waistlines fall below the natural waist. Since the waistline can create such dramatic illusions, choose this element wisely.

Wedding Dress Necklines

You will need to make decisions about the neckline. This requires that you consider the features you want to enhance or hide. The Bateau neckline is a wide scoop neck that meets at the shoulders. The effect elongates the neck with a high collar. Off-the-shoulder is an elegant neckline that brings attention to the shoulders and offsets wider hips. Spaghetti straps flatter slender frames and narrow shoulders. Square necklines draw the eyes upward. Asymmetrical necklines are a one-shoulder design or different on one side of the front. A portrait neckline has a soft scoop from one shoulder tip to the other. A sweetheart neckline is low-cut in the shape of the top half of a heart. A V-neck drops low into a V-shape. A small-busted bride might choose a deep plunging neckline. The neckline is an important part of your wedding dress.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress and Skin Tone

The wedding dress should compliment shape and skin tone. There is more than one shade of white, and not every wedding dress is white. There is a remarkable difference between diamond white and ecru. Dark skin tones will look perfect in almost every shade of white. Yellow or olive undertones look best with a stark white or champagne wedding dress. Pink undertones should choose a creamy hue. Fair skin looks perfect in ivory and warmer colors. Fair skin should avoid stark white.

Choosing a Veil to Match the Wedding Dress

The veil is optional, but when you choose to wear one, it should match your style. A blusher veil is short and hangs over the face until it is flipped over the head for the reveal. Cathedral veils are the most formal. These long veils can hang nine feet from the headpiece. Elbow extends to the elbows. Chapel is another formal veil that extends down to the floor, which is usually about six feet from the headpiece. Flyaway veils are less formal and have multiple layers that meet with the shoulders. A waltz veil hangs somewhere between the knees and the ankles. The veil should match the tone of the event and the wedding dress.

Wedding Dress

Choosing Your Style

Before you begin the journey of wedding dress shopping, you should determine the style of the gown you are looking for. If you want a glamorous look, you might choose a body-contouring, low-cut back with shimmering embellishments. A minimalist will forego the glitz and glam, and choose a simple design. Romantics fall in love with lace and intricate details. A traditional look can be achieved with an A-line dress, a Bateau neckline and a string of pearls. If you want to be the princess, you probably want the ball gown with tulle, a voluminous skirt and ruffles all the way. Finding your style will require that you think about your personality, the setting of your ceremony and your unique shape.

Wedding Dress

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