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Hiring Wedding Vendors

Wedding Vendors

Building your team of wedding vendors is an important part of planning. If you are like most, you have dreamed about this moment for a while and want every minute of it to be absolutely perfect. It is more common than most realize for the couple to start thinking of ways to cut essential vendors to save money in the budget. Unfortunately, this is never a good idea. Keep reading to discover why a team of professional wedding vendors is important, and tips for planning.

Planning the Talent

In a world of internet, finding a plethora of wedding vendors is not a challenge. However, not just anyone will do. You would not want to hire a photographer that is just taking up a hobby or a deejay that has never serviced a wedding. When building your team of wedding vendors, consider talent, experience and services. The safest place to find your team of vendors is at your wedding venue. Most wedding venues have a preferred list of trusted vendors. Wedding planning requires that you create a list, do your research and interview your candidates.

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Vendors Create Your Vision

Wedding planning begins with a vision for your wedding day. Do you want a live band or a deejay? Think about the food, the cake and your fresh floral designs. Many couples are choosing a deejay for the ability to maintain a continuous and heightened vibe with a unique playlist of music that cross-fades into the mix without space. An experienced deejay will drive the momentum on your dance floor with a customized playlist, immersive sound and light effects, and be able to create an interactive experience. Many couples prefer the ambiance created by live musicians and the authentic feel of real instruments in an acoustic space. Think about the fine dining experience you want to deliver and the type of cuisine you want to serve. The average wedding has 14 wedding vendors. Make your unique list based on the experiences you want to create, and hire the experience to create it.

Research Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding planning involves a little research. Before hiring a vendor, visit their website, look for reviews online and flip through gallery pages for examples of work. Actually read the reviews and ratings. Keep in mind that a negative review does not necessarily represent the vendor. Some couples take to the internet to vent about their unique situations that might not apply to others. Always look to see how the wedding vendors respond to negative comments and weigh out the facts of the individual circumstances that might not be of any fault of the wedding vendors.

Wedding Vendors

It’s About What You Want

Think about your style and the dream event you seek to create. Envision the photographs you will hang on your wall and that will fill your albums. Would you prefer traditional wedding photography or something dramatic? Think about your style of music, the creation of your wedding vows, the customs that will be part of your ceremony and your grand entrance and exit. Every service is provided by wedding vendors with a unique style. During your wedding planning process, make a list of the types of services and the style you want. Once you have a good list, make contact with the wedding vendors for interviews. Make a list of questions that you will ask your potential vendors and take notes during your conversations.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

It is very common to take shortcuts, cut essential vendors and charge a family member with certain tasks. Many family members will take on roles to assist with planning, but make sure they have a seat and are a guest on your wedding day, not a vendor baking cakes or servicing the reception tables for others. Your family might take photos, but you would not want to give the important job of creating your wedding photography to an amateur. Think about the tasks that you assign to your family and friends, and save the important stuff for the wedding pros.

The Crystal Ballroom

Planning with The Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team and professional wedding vendors to create your dream day. Meet with the in-house design team to plan, design and create your fairy tale. The full design and decoration of all the guests' tables, main tables, and ceremony space are all included. Host your celebration at The Crystal Ballroom, and build a team of wedding vendors you can trust. Contact The Crystal Ballroom for a complimentary VIP tour and begin wedding planning.


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