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Tips for Hiring Your Officiant

Wedding Officiant

Whether you choose a whimsical elopement, intimate wedding or a grand ceremony, you will need an officiant to seal the deal. There are different types of officiants with different services to give your wedding ceremony the uniqueness that your relationship deserves. Whether religious, traditional or an essay of vows that follow a heartfelt poem, planning the way you bind your marriage is an important decision that is planned with an officiant. These tips should help you on your journey to hiring an officiant.

A Different Officiant for a Different Ceremony

Regardless of religion or orientation, the way you say your vows and the methods you choose are the most important part of your entire wedding day. There are many things to consider when hiring an officiant. Different cultures and backgrounds naturally have their own customs and traditions. Sometimes it is easy to find an officiant within a church to follow a book of rituals, but it can be challenging to find an officiant with the ability to blend rituals that are important to you and your partner in a unique way outside of a church setting. Not every wedding is by the book, but every wedding should be the fairy tale. Whether you choose the “repeat after me” from a prayer book or choose to add deeper meaning with unique vows, the officiant you choose will make all the difference in your ceremony.


Everyone presents with a unique set of circumstances and dreams related to the ceremony they envision. If you are attempting to preserve traditions and customs, it is important to find an officiant that has knowledge of those customs or is willing to research and work with you to preserve the meaningful rituals within your ceremony. Some couples previously eloped, and are seeking to create the wedding they never had. Some desire to recreate the magic of their wedding day in a vow renewal. Others want the wedding and all the magic while professing their love, bond and commitments without the formality of a marriage license. Same sex weddings host some unique differences with words and events that your officiant should understand and be willing to create with respect.

Wedding Officiant

Creating Your Vows

Wedding vows are the most important part of your entire ceremony, and will be the most remembered part of your wedding. Writing wedding vows that speak the love and commitment into one of the most momentous occasions of your entire life can sometimes demand a little help. Find an officiant with sample scripts and experience assisting couples with writing vows. We do not all speak the same language. Find an officiant that speaks yours.

License by Mail Service

If you are planning a destination wedding or want to save time and avoid standing in line at the courthouse, you might want to find an officiant that can obtain your marriage license by mail. Not every officiant is designated as a coordinator with permission to obtain a license by mail. If you are interested in this simplified process, take the time to find a qualified officiant that meets your needs.

Finding an Officiant

Knowing what to look for when hiring an officiant is mostly about discovering your own needs and expectations. Hiring an officiant is all about the relationship you build with them based upon those things you discover about yourself. It is important to connect with an experienced officiant that can accommodate your vision. One of the best ways to find an officiant is through your wedding venue. Wedding venues create relationships with trusted vendors.

Wedding Officiant

The Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue with vendor connections. Beyond providing the complete design and decoration of your dream wedding from ceremony to reception, Crystal Ballroom has relationships with trusted officiants to make your ceremony everything it should be.


We invite you to discover the
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