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Explore Spring Wedding Colors

Spring Wedding Colors

If you are searching for the perfect spring wedding colors to bring your dream wedding to life, you are probably on the hunt for a little color inspiration. Couples seek to create an experience on their wedding day, one that will be remembered for years to come. Your wedding colors are more than just your favorite colors. Color affects mood, behavior and your guests’ perception. Let’s explore the color of spring so you can choose a color palette that creates the unforgettable experience of your dreams.

Things to Consider

Color is an illusion that can be different for everyone. Keep in mind that colors can be stimulating or calming, and can vary based upon whether they are warm or cool. Warm colors are brighter, like reds and oranges. While warm colors can be stimulating, it is important to note that they can also be overwhelming. Cool colors are calming, such as blue and green. These are the most relaxing colors. There are several hues of a favorite color to choose from, and not all colors are experienced the same. The lighting in your wedding venue will affect the way different colors are perceived.

A Triadic Color Combination

You should choose three wedding colors, a primary color and two complimentary colors. A triadic color combination is created with the shape of a triangle on the color wheel. Each point rests upon a color that is equidistant to the other, forming the shape of a triangle. This type of color combination creates a sense of harmony.

Spring Wedding Colors

The Color of Spring

Spring is the season of beautiful blooms, and when everything comes to life. Naturally, green is the predominate color of nature. It symbolizes fertility and life. Green is relaxing and evokes a sense of tranquility. Some hue or another of green almost always makes its way onto a palette of spring wedding colors. Green will match with almost every color, as it does in nature. Decorating your wedding arch and tables with eucalyptus garland will bring the color and feel of spring into your wedding venue.

Mint on a Palette of Spring Wedding Colors
Mint Color Palette

Pink and Spring

Pink is a popular color for spring weddings. Step into a spring garden and you will find an abundance of pink blooms, including those romantic cherry blossom trees. Peonies and camellia add a little more pink to spring weddings. Pink is a color of femininity, and is almost always associated with love and affection. What you should know about the color pink is how it will affect your guests on your wedding day. Pink flowers will not only create a romantic space, but will also create a calm and happy space.

Pink Color Palette
Pink Color Palette

Shades of Pink

While some shades of pink can be relaxing, brighter and more vibrant variations can be stimulating. Too much stimulation can become aggravating. It is important to think about the different shades of a color and the experience they will create on your wedding day. Lighter and softer shades of pink are chosen for spring wedding colors more commonly than hot pink shades.

Yellow Accents Other Spring Wedding Colors

Yellow is a popular accent for other spring wedding colors; however, it can also stand up as a main color and steal the show. There are a couple things to consider about yellow. It is associated with friendliness and happiness, making it a desirable wedding color. It is also important to note that it is the brightest and lightest color of the spectrum that is observable by the human eye. While this happy color is clean, energizing and can wake up creativity, it can also induce anxiety in the wrong shade. Balance your yellow.

White Weddings

White is a color of purity, perfection and new beginnings. We commonly see white over on the color palette for winter weddings, creating a winter wonderland. However, white is also a common spring color. It is light, airy and versatile. The beauty of white is that it can be enjoyed at weddings in every season, and can be paired with any color.

Add Purple to Your Spring Wedding Colors

Purple and all of its shades of spring are found in the mix of red and blue. It is not warm, nor cool, but a mix of both. It finds itself somewhere in the midst of associations with romance, nature and royalty. This tranquil color is associated with luxury and evokes creativity. Purple is one of the colors that are most associated with the spring. Clusters of crocus and lilac make beautiful spring bouquets of purple.

Spring Wedding Colors
Lavender Color Palette

Spring Wedding Colors and Flowers

Flowers are naturally the easiest way to bring the season into the wedding venue. Consider filling your wedding venue with calla lilies, peonies, roses and hydrangeas. Bring spring colors into your venue with lavender, coral and lots of fuchsia. Amaranthus are those droopy and versatile flowers that complement a spring wedding bouquet. Tulips, sweet pea, ranunculus, English garden roses and peonies are perfect flowers to bring in the spring wedding colors. All the colors of spring can use a little accent of eucalyptus.

Spring Wedding Colors at The Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom

Spring wedding colors bring an earthy and rustic feel into any elegant space. The Crystal Ballroom is an elegant wedding venue that is uniquely designed just for you. Bring your vision and favorite spring wedding colors to the in-house design team, and let the professionals create the wedding of your dreams. Contact The Crystal Ballroom to schedule your VIP tour and begin planning.


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