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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

As soon as you pick your date, it is time to narrow down the options and choose the wedding venue you absolutely love. Imagine the ambience, vibe and romance that should exude from this one significant location. There might be a hundred venues from fantasy, but only one will measure up. There is so much more to the venue than the ambience. Bring your vision along as we explore the wedding venue.

One Venue or Two?

There are two parts to a wedding, the ceremony and the reception. You will need to find the space you love for both. Your culture, background, religion and personal traditions will guide you in finding the perfect space for the nuptials. Sometimes it is a place of worship, such as a church, mosque or synagogue. It could be a romantic hillside destination that transfers the afterparty to an upscale venue.

Wedding Venue

Things to Consider

There are a few things to consider. Churches book up quickly, which can make your evening affair an early afternoon. If not planned correctly, it might result in an unusual gap between the daytime ceremony and the evening reception. If you are planning more time between events, it would allow more time for photography moments and changing from ceremony attire to reception attire. On the flip-side, having an integrated ceremony and reception creates a better flow, eliminates transportation issues between venues, provides convenience and is easier on the budget. It is also easier to reuse flowers from the ceremony space in the reception area.

Location of the Wedding Venue

The location is probably one of the most important elements. The place you stand for the ceremony should be significant and meaningful to you and your partner. You might consider an off-site wedding that will require rentals for almost everything, such as tables, linens, china, tents and a dance floor. If you dream of the earthy elements of the great outdoors, you will need to be the master of improvising. Outdoor weddings have unpredictable outdoor problems, such as temperature, rain, humidity, bugs and wind. An indoor wedding venue can provide a luxurious indoor space with dreamy décor to match your theme and vision, including the rustic elements of outdoors with a romantic garden beneath crystal chandeliers.

Wedding Venue

It is Your Dream Wedding

This is your dream wedding and only your vision matters. Using your collage of ideas from everything that inspired your vision, search for a wedding venue with in-house designers and planners that can bring your unique dream to life. Most venues have limited services and designs or just the empty space. All-inclusive venues with an in-house design team and almost unlimited décor options can give your dream possibilities. Professional wedding designers can provide a level of service beyond a wedding venue to actually create the space and stage your wedding day.

Wedding Venue

Services at Your Wedding Venue

Choose a wedding venue with services beyond the space. If you discover a venue with décor and a designer, you have found gold. There are other essential services to consider, such as furnishings, fine china, banquet staff, bar services, food managers and day of event coordination services. An all-inclusive wedding venue with the ability to bundle all of these essential services can save you thousands on planning your wedding day, and eliminate all the stress of planning. Look beyond the essential space and search for a venue that can deliver the entire package.

Build a Team at Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding team will be essential to creating your dream wedding. Choose a wedding venue that can help you build your entire wedding team in one place. A venue with vendor connections can save you time and money throughout the wedding planning process. Make sure your venue has preferred vendors to help you meet with tailors, wedding cake designers, officiants, caterers, photographers, DJs, florists, hair and makeup artists and all the talent to create your flawless event.

Wedding Venue

The Crystal Ballroom

A vision exists in your imagination, but to make it a reality, it cannot stay there. The best way to share your vision is by sharing your ideas with the wedding designers at The Crystal Ballroom. Create a collage of pictures that can provide examples of the aesthetic you want to create within your wedding venue and bring them along on a private tour of the venue. A wedding designer can assist you with choosing colors, theme, linens, décor and floral arrangements for your ceremony space and reception ballroom. Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings, staff services and décor into an affordable wedding package that includes banquet staff, bartender staff, and a professional in-house designer. Bring your imagination to the design studio at The Crystal Ballroom and create a fairy tale.


We invite you to discover the
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