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Choosing and Using Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors

Wedding colors will be the defining piece that conveys your theme. Color will not only be part of the details, but it will tie all the details together and make a clear statement about your wedding day. There are always safe traditional colors that are infallible, and little tricks to pull anything off. Regardless of your theme, we have a few ideas to make your wedding colors work.

The Basics of Wedding Colors

No matter what colors you choose, there are a few basics to wedding colors to consider. Colors can be bright and energizing or soft and relaxing. Color can stimulate feelings and evoke emotions. Warm colors live on the brighter side of the color wheel where they are known to be invigorating. These are the bright reds, oranges and yellows. Cool colors have an opposite effect. These are the colors on the side of the wheel with blues and greens. They evoke a sense of harmony, nature, tranquility and happiness. You should choose three colors that work together, a base color and two accents, as we explore some ideas to use them.

Wedding Colors


Uplighting is the easiest way to incorporate wedding colors into your design. By casting colored lighting on the walls, draperies and décor, you can change the mood of the entire space. Create a canopy of drapes on the ceiling to capture the color. Strategically place your lighting along the walls to illuminate the entire space with your dominate color. Highlight table décor and accent pieces throughout the venue to achieve the look you envision.

Adding Wedding Colors to Your Centerpieces

Your centerpieces will set the tone within your venue. Lanterns, vases and candelabras can be surrounded by floral arrangements and flickering candles in your favorite wedding colors. Candelabras are dramatic additions. The height, color and finish can add elegance, texture and dimension to your venue. A simple change of color and finish can make all the difference in your theme. Your centerpieces can be embellished with different colored feathers, pearls and colorful votive candles. Vases can be filled with water and floating candles. Regardless of the type of wedding centerpieces you choose, you will likely accent with flowers. Flowers are romantic and expressive, but they also bring wedding colors into the elegant space.

Wedding Colors

Wedding Flowers

Flowers add wedding colors, life and season to the romantic affair. If you are searching for blue accents, consider blue peonies, roses, ranunculus, tweedia, larkspur and delphinium. Yellow is the color of happiness, and sunflowers provide just the right amount to all of your centerpieces. Accent with vines of greenery and a touch of white orchids. You might consider cymbidium orchids, tulips, ranunculus, daffodils, roses and carnations. If you are dreaming of purple, fill your centerpieces with violet roses. Accent with greenery, white roses, bouvardia and bagonias. Consider lavender, anemone, bittersweet nightshade, cattleya, orchids, calla lilly, candytuft, waxflower, lilac, aster and hydrangea. White weddings are easily created with elegant white wedding flowers. Imagine your bouquets and centerpieces with white anemone, hydrangeas, gerpoms, tulips, snapdragons, carnations, alabaster rose gypsophila, dendrobium, orchids, dahlia, peonies, hybrid poppy, ranunculus, godetia and queen Anne’s lace.

The Season of Wedding Colors

Season does not dictate our wedding colors, but it can create an influence.

Winter wedding colors are the deeper and more passionate reds, dark blue and gold. Imagine anything from a winter wonderland to Christmas. Summer and spring offer colorful blooms in pink, light blue, fuchsia, yellow and pastels. Fall is a season of change that brings deep burgundy, gold, oranges and brown into the venue. Drape your centerpieces with fall leaves, lots of burgundy and vines, contrasting the gold tones. While season might offer its own palette of color, do not be afraid to color outside of the lines and do something different.

Wedding Colors


Linens are a significant way to add your wedding colors to the venue. Coordinate your napkins, table clothes, runners, overlays and chair sashes to match your colors and theme. Choose sequined runners or lace overlays on a solid runner in your favorite wedding colors. Create a little awe with uniquely tied chair sashes. Experiment with different textures and colors to match your theme. The unique effect is determined by the way you tie the sashes. Whether you envision the classic bow or a weave, experiment with different materials, colors and styles.

Wedding Colors

The Crystal Ballroom

While there might be a little science involved in creating your color palette, you should be able to have your favorite wedding colors. The designers at The Crystal Ballroom invite you inside of the wedding venue and behind the scenes to talk color. We will talk about everything from uplighting to your flowers. There is no need to stress over choosing your wedding colors. Step inside of the design studio at The Crystal Ballroom and meet with the in-house design team. Hand select the flowers, décor, linens and elegant centerpieces that will design your wedding venue from fantasy. Walk the aisle in a luxurious wedding venue designed just for you.


We invite you to discover the
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