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Building Your Wedding Party

Creating your wedding party is one of the many exciting parts of wedding planning. After announcing your engagement, it is time to start choosing the people that will stand beside you on one of the most important days of your entire life. These tips should help you through the process of building your wedding party.

Maid of Honor in the Wedding Party

The maid of honor is the bride’s right hand and attendant through the entire planning process. A best friend or sister usually fills this supporting role. She will be a very important part of the wedding party for many reasons. She will be there during dress fittings, will be an assistant during wedding planning and will put together the bachelorette party. On the wedding day, she will offer emotional support and bustle the gown.

The Best Man in the Wedding Party

The best man takes an important role in the wedding party for the groom. This is usually a best friend or brother to the groom. He will not only stand beside the groom on the wedding day, he will offer support during the days leading up to the event. He will be responsible for preparing and giving the best man speech, pulling off a bachelor party and getting the groom to the altar. Sometimes he holds the rings up until the very important moment when they are needed.

Bridesmaids in the Wedding Party

Bridesmaids have important roles next to the maid of honor in the wedding party. Bridesmaids are traditionally a group of women that have a very close relationship with the bride. They assist with planning the wedding and activities along the way as needed. They assist the maid of honor with planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party. The bridesmaids lead the procession of the bride down the aisle and stand beside her during the ceremony.

The Groomsmen in the Wedding Party

The groomsmen are to the groom as the bridesmaids are to the bride. This piece of the wedding party consists of the groom’s crew. These close friends and relatives assist with planning and offer a team of support to the groom through the process. They will participate in planning the bachelor party and hold the groom up with support on the big day. They take the role of ushers when needed, lead the procession of the groom down the aisle, and stand beside him during the magical moment.

Other Important Roles in the Wedding Party

There are other very important roles to be filled in the wedding party. Ushers greet guests and show them to their seats. The mother of the bride spends the day with the bride and helps her prepare for her important moment. She sometimes gives a speech at the wedding reception. The father of the bride gives a speech at the reception, walks the bride down the aisle, gives her away during the ceremony and dances a magical father-daughter dance. The mother of the groom offers support to the groom. She sometimes offers a speech at the wedding reception. The father of the groom offers assistance, gives a speech at the rehearsal dinner and reception, and welcomes guests. Flower girls lead the wedding party down the aisle, dropping petals along the way. The ring bearer is usually a young boy that carries the rings down the aisle. If children are not in the wedding party, couples usually give the role to the best man or sometimes a family pet.

The Ones that Didn’t Make the Wedding Party

Be prepared for disappointed friends. This might not be so obvious, but it will never be avoided. If you formed your team without some special people, make sure you express how valuable your relationship is with them, and how you wish you could have all your special people by your side. Explain that you had to limit your decision to a certain few, and explain that you reserved special functions in the wedding for them. Offering them an important role in the wedding can help them feel like part of your special day. You can give close friends that did not make it into the wedding party a special VIP seating arrangement. They can wear matching dresses and suits and lead the entry of the wedding party down the aisle. If they make you feel bad about your decision, you made the right decision not to choose them to be in your wedding party.

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